76 NIS

76 Nis
FIRST COURSE: (choose one)

Soup of the day  /  Antipasti  / Personal green salad  /  Caprese

MAIN COURSE: (choose one)

ZioClaudio   -   Spaghetti in olive oil, smokedgoose breast, diced chicken thigh, garlic, dried tomato tapenade,parsley and onion
ZioSabatino  -  Strozzapreti in tomato sauce, diced chickenthigh, zucchini and red bell peppers
ZiaGiulia  -  Penne in cream, smoked goose breast,saffron & nutmeg (slightly sweet)
Carbonara  -  Spaghetti in cream, smoked goosebreast, fresh egg yolk, parmesan & nutmeg 
Zio Ciriola  -  Spaghetti in cream, diced chicken thigh in white wine, a bitof garlic,spinach, brandy & nutmeg 
Pulcinella  -  Spaghetti in cream, chicken liver, sweet red wine sauce& parmesan (slightly sweet)
ZioAnselmo  -  Fettuccine in cream, ground smoked salmon, sundriedtomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan and nutmeg
ZiaFrancesca   -  Strozzapreti incream, broccoli, goat cheese, basil& nutmeg 

ZiaFiorella  -  Gnocchi in cream, roquefort, walnuts, parmesan& nutmeg 
ZiaRosetta  -   Gnocchiin cream, a touch of tomato sauce, parmesan & nutmeg 
Zio Lupetto  -  Gnocchi with beef fillet,broccoli, onion, mushroom, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, Tabasco & brandy -Hot!

ZioGiuseppe -  Risottowith cheeses, tomato sauce, onion, fresh basil leaves & garlic
ZioRomolo  -  Risottowith diced chicken thigh, green peas, mascarpone cheese,
saffron,cumin, parmesan & nutmeg
Zio Fabrizio  - Risotto withchampignon mushrooms, butter, onion, garlic, parsley & parmesan

PolloSalad   -    Dicedchicken thigh stir-fried in white wine, paprika, garlic, served on a bedof lettuce, baby leaves, tomatoes and mushrooms, olive oil & lemon,  salt& pepper

Focaccia with Lunch 10 NIS
Served with a Glass of Wine / 1/3 Draft Beer  / A Soft Drink / Martini