65 NIS

65 Nis
FIRST COURSE: (choose one)

Soup of the day  /  Antipasti  / Personal green salad  /  Caprese

MAIN COURSE: (choose one)

Zia Fatina  -     Spaghetti in olive oil, pesto, garlic, zucchini,green beans, broccoli & spinach   
Ragu'   -   Spaghetti/Pennein tomato sauce, ground beef & parsley
Burina   -  Spaghetti/Penne in tomato sauce, eggplant, kalamata olives & parsley
Zia Giuditta  -  Fettuccinein tomato sauce, spinach & mascarpone cheese
Spiritosa   -   Penne in tomato sauce, cream, vodka, parmesan & nutmeg  

Zio Franco -   Fettuccine in cream, mushrooms, parmesan & nutmeg
Zio Leandro     -  Strozzapreti in cream, sweet potato with thyme, parmesan & nutmeg

Focaccia with Lunch 10  NIS
Served with a Glass of Wine / 1/3  Draft Beer / A Soft Drink / Martini